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Bold = event flyer/artwork
02-27-2009: Clues (of Unicorns And Arcade Fire!), El Olio Wolof
02-28-2009: Kirsten Price , Whiskey And The Devil Chaplain
03-09-2009: Efterklang (of Denmark), Peter Broderick, Ghost To Falco
03-13-2009: Viva Voce, Rafter
03-20-2009: Paz, Dj Professor Stone
03-25-2009: Dark Meat (a 12-member Rock Circus Of Fun!), Grampall Jookabox (asthmatic Kitty Records), Long Legged Woman
03-26-2009: Marnie Stern, What's Up?
03-27-2009: Truth & Salvage Co., Red Blue Yellow
03-28-2009: Pre (united Kingdom), The Mae Shi
03-30-2009: Chad Van Gaalen (of Canada), Women
04-02-2009: Root Beer, Pigeon John
04-03-2009: Trey Tosh, Amateurs (feat. Brandon Of Merle Jagger)
04-04-2009: Tom Brosseau, Quiet Life
04-05-2009: Pinback, Rafter
04-11-2009: Wilco Movie 'ashes Of American Flags', Blue States (wilco Covers And Originals)
04-14-2009: Vetiver, Richard Swift
04-16-2009: Hockey, Cosigner
04-17-2009: Kemaya (all-star Salsa Band!)
04-18-2009: Kimya Dawson, Lonely Tylenol
04-18-2009: Crystal Antlers, Circles And Circles
04-22-2009: Vivian Girls, Abe Vigoda, Drag The Lake
04-28-2009: Franz Nicolay (of The Hold Steady!), Moneybrother (of Sweden)
05-01-2009: Mezcal
05-02-2009: Maria Taylor, Whispertown 2000
05-05-2009: Truth & Salvage Co., The Whiskey And The Devil Chaplain
05-10-2009: Grand Duchy (feat. Frank Black Of The Pixies!), Red Blue Yellow
05-13-2009: Ponytail, Rademacher
05-15-2009: M. Ward, Richmond Fontaine
05-16-2009: Extra Golden (of Kenya, Africa), Mezcal (cd Release Show!), Run 4 Cover
05-21-2009: Obits (sub Pop + Feat. Rick Of Drive Like Jehu And Hot Snakes!), The Lights, The Suicides
05-30-2009: Wooden Birds (feat. Andy Of American Analog Set!), The Grizzly Owls
06-05-2009: Sound N Vision Foundation And Velouria Records Present...
06-09-2009: Handsome Furs (feat. Dan Of Wolf Parade!), The Cinnamon Band
06-16-2009: First Art Session: June 16th To July 2ndtuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30am- 10:30am
06-16-2009: First Music Session: June 16th To July 2nd Tuesday And Thursday 11:00am-12:00am
06-19-2009: White Rabbits, The Subjects
06-20-2009: Truth & Salvage Co., Big American Family
06-26-2009: A.a. Bondy, Michael Davis With Lions
07-03-2009: Deer Tick, Dawes , Quicksandcastle
07-07-2009: Red Cortez, These United States, Rademacher
07-10-2009: Blitzen Trapper, Loch Lomond
07-14-2009: Second Art Session: July 14th To July 30thtuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30am- 10:30am
07-16-2009: The Builders And The Butchers, Illinois
07-17-2009: So Many Dynamos, Cast Spells (feat. Dave, Frontman Of Maps & Atlases!)
07-17-2009: So Many Dynamos, Cast Spells
07-18-2009: Kemaya (all-star Salsa Band!)
07-20-2009: Black Carl, Yellow Minute
07-24-2009: Central Valley Music Showcase
07-25-2009: Mezcal, Kemaya
07-28-2009: Themselves (feat. Doseone And Jel!) , The Aircrash
08-01-2009: Japandroids (of Canada), Elmo Marconi
08-04-2009: Abe Vigoda, Drag The Lake
08-07-2009: The Whiskey And The Devil Chaplain, Petracovich
08-13-2009: Black Francis (aka Frank Black Of The Pixies) Solo Acoustic Performance!, Radioactive Cauliflower (of El Olio Wolof)
08-13-2009: Radioactive Cauliflower (of El Olio Wolof)
08-14-2009: Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric), Gary Lee
08-20-2009: The Patrick Contreras Band
08-25-2009: Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Jeff The Brotherhood
08-26-2009: Los Campesinos!
08-26-2009: Billy Corgan With Special Guests Spirits In The Sky
08-27-2009: Sleepy Sun, The Boxing Lesson
08-28-2009: Paz
08-29-2009: Matt & Kim, Amanda Blank
09-04-2009: The Thermals, Rademacher
09-05-2009: Fashawn, Diego Red
09-10-2009: Comedy And Music By..., Reggie Watts, Rory Scovel
09-12-2009: Local Natives , Bicycles
09-25-2009: Mento Buru
09-26-2009: Lee Rocker (of The Stray Cats), Lunchbox
10-03-2009: Mezcal, Db And The Struggle
10-08-2009: Abalone Dots (rca Records), Crossing Caldwell
10-10-2009: ...and You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Future Of The Left, Plus Art Show By Conrad Keeley (of Trail Of Dead)
10-13-2009: These Arms Are Snakes , Dd/mm/yyyy (of Canada)
10-16-2009: Merle Jagger, The Seventh Sons (feat. Craig Of Ragin' Records)
10-29-2009: Melt Banana (of Tokyo, Japan), The Suicides
10-30-2009: Land Of Talk (saddle Creek Records), Eulogies, Red Blue Yellow
10-31-2009: Shonen Knife (of Japan), Signals (of The Mae Shi)
11-05-2009: archop And snv Foundation Present An Interactive Collaboration Of Sight And Sound..., Lucky Dragons, Javelin
11-06-2009: Morning Teleportation (isaac Brock Of Modest Mouse's New Signing!), Velvet Velvet Velvet (cd Release Show!)
11-07-2009: Langhorne Slim, Dawes, Austin Lucas
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