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Bold = event flyer/artwork
12-14-2007: The Cellar Door Anniversay Party!!!, Manuok (featuring Members Of The Album Leaf & The Black Heart Procession), Two Sheds
01-10-2008: The Black Heart Procession, El Olio Wolof
01-12-2008: Andy Mckee (#1 Most Downloaded On Youtube), Don Ross
01-18-2008: Howlin' Rain (featuring Ethan Of Comets On Fire), A. Thomas Estes (w/band), Adam Snider
02-08-2008: Pinback, Mc Chris
02-09-2008: Central Valley Songwriter Showcase 20 Talented Valley Songwriters, Rappers, And Performers
02-16-2008: Grand Ole Party, The Same Shape
02-21-2008: Pigeon John, Peter Daily
02-25-2008: Helio Sequence (sub Pop), The Builders & The Butchers
02-28-2008: Cursive (saddle Creek Records), The New Trust, Rademacher
02-29-2008: British Sea Power (united Kingdom), Colourmusic
03-01-2008: Patrick Contreras & The American Gypsy Experience (11-member Band!), Armen Nalbandian Trio, The Super Lucky Catz
03-05-2008: Sound N Vision Mag Anniversary Party! (night #1), So Many Dynamos, Xyz Affair
03-06-2008: Sound N Vision Mag Anniversary Party! (night #2), So Many Dynamos, Special Guests
03-07-2008: Sole And The Skyrider Band (anticon Records) , Telephone Jim Jesus (anticon Records)
03-08-2008: Lee Rocker (of The Stray Cats), Crossing Caldwell (formerly Miles To Nowhere)
03-13-2008: Rock For Water Tour! : Digging Wells In South Sudan
03-20-2008: Headlights, Evangelicals
03-22-2008: Phosphorescent, Bon Iver, White Hinterland
04-04-2008: King Brothers (osaka, Japan), Shellshag
04-05-2008: Birds Of Avalon, Nudity
04-12-2008: Enon, Telephone Jim Jesus (with A Visual Projector Show!)
04-14-2008: Handsome Furs (sub Pop) (featuring Dan Co-frontman Of Wolf Parade!!!), Railcars
04-26-2008: Kimya Dawson (of Moldy Peaches And Featured On The Juno Soundtrack!), Angelo Spencer, L'orchidee D'hawai
04-29-2008: Nik Freitas (team Love Records), David Dondero And The Entire State Of Florida (team Love Records)
05-01-2008: Akron/family, Two Sheds
05-07-2008: Don Ross (2-time Us Fingerstyle Guitar Champion!), Brooke Miller
05-08-2008: Devon Williams & The Objective Perspective (ba Da Bing Records), A .thomas Estes Band
05-09-2008: Dark Meat, The Whisky And The Devil Chaplain
05-10-2008: Vetiver, Jonathan Wilson
05-13-2008: Efterklang (from Denmark), Slaraffenland (from Denmark)
05-16-2008: The Bad Plus, Lunchbox
05-23-2008: Patience For Air, Drag The Lake, Damaged (formerly The Skeleteens)
05-27-2008: Jake Shimabukuro
05-31-2008: Anasayam, Waddaba Annye Ben Drum Ensemble, Harsh
06-07-2008: Local H, The Photo Atlas
06-08-2008: Leo Kottke
06-10-2008: The Neil Hamburger Country Winners Revue...featuring Neil Hamburger In Person, With The Too-good-for-neil-hamburger Band
06-14-2008: Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit, Fabulous Diamonds
06-16-2008: The Helio Sequence (sub Pop), Talkdemonic
06-19-2008: Rob Paravonian, Gary Lee, Robert Derr
06-20-2008: Extra Golden (of Kenya, Africa) (thrill Jockey Records), Wadaba Annye Ben Drum Ensemble, Anasayam
06-21-2008: Lee Rocker (of The Stray Cats), Jd Goodwin And The Peacemakers
07-10-2008: Maria Taylor (saddle Creek Records), Johnathan Rice (reprise Records), Nik Freitas (team Love Records)
07-10-2008: Nik Freitas
07-12-2008: Patrick Contreras And The American Gypsy Experience, Db And The Struggle
07-16-2008: Mucca Pazza (32-member Circus Punk Marching Band!), Gary Lee
07-23-2008: Howlin Rain, Crystal Antlers
07-29-2008: Grand Ole Party, What's Up?! (of The Advantage)
08-15-2008: The Octopus Project, Diagonals, The Oak Grove City Committee
09-09-2008: Strong Arm Steady, Grafik, Bravo
09-19-2008: White Williams, Oak Grove City Committee
09-20-2008: Dr. Dog, Delta Spirit , Hacienda
09-27-2008: Gary Lee, Robert Derr, Josh Wallace
10-01-2008: We Are Wolves (of Montreal), Rademacher
10-03-2008: Visalia's All Music (vam) Weekend! (day 1)
10-04-2008: Visalia's All Music (vam) Weekend! (day 2)
10-05-2008: Visalia's All Music (vam) Weekend! (day 3)
10-23-2008: Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band, The Like, All Smile
10-24-2008: Sherwood (myspace Records!), The Pink Spiders, Barcelona
10-25-2008: The Patrick Contreras Band
11-11-2008: Dungen (of Sweden), Women (of Alberta, Canada)
11-15-2008: Apollo Sunshine, Dead Confederate
11-22-2008: Sleepy Sun, Rademacher
11-26-2008: Pop Levi (of Ladytron), Lunchbox
11-28-2008: Mezcal
12-06-2008: von Iva , run Run Run Canceled
12-08-2008: Dressy Bessy, Colourmusic
12-23-2008: The Tallest Man On Earth (of Sweden)
01-16-2009: Lunchbox, Ted Nunes, A.c. Myles
01-17-2009: Kemaya (the New Central Valley All-star Salsa Band!), The Patrick Contreras Band
01-23-2009: Blue Giant (members Of Viva Voce And The Decemberists), Crossing Caldwell
01-24-2009: Gary Lee, Garage Comedy Presents: The Grapes Of Laugh aaron Alberstein matt Peters dan Dominguez ed Salazar
01-25-2009: Mezcal, Paz
01-31-2009: Fruit Bats (feat. Eric Johnson Of The Shins), Sera Cahoone (sub Pop Records)
02-06-2009: Red Cortez, James Brittain Gore
02-07-2009: Kemaya (live Salsa!), Dj Ls (spinning), Dj Fusion (visuals)
02-17-2009: Loney Dear (of Sweden), Circles And Circles
02-23-2009: Modest Mouse, Japanese Motors, Mimicking Birds
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