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Bold = event flyer/artwork
06-24-2004: El Olio Wolof, Bolex Rex
07-03-2004: Built Like Alaska, Foot Of Feathers, Vernal Falls
07-14-2004: Candescent , History(invades), Why Ships Sink
09-04-2004: Dios Malos, Paynes Gray, Porterville
09-10-2004: Crime In Choir, Crime In Choir
09-25-2004: Panther Martin, Richfield, Special Guests
10-02-2004: Nik Freitas, Pidgeon, Calm Before The Storm
10-14-2004: Ex-lovers, Shellshag, Foot Of Feathers
11-13-2004: Viva Voce, Thee More Shallows, Modernstate
11-14-2004: Rouge Wave (sub Pop), Vells (featuring Modest Mouse Drummer Jeramiah Green)
11-27-2004: 20 Minute Loop, Bolex Rex, Porterville
12-02-2004: Calvin Johnson, Bobby Birdman
12-04-2004: Idaho Falls, Jabronski, Vernal Falls
12-10-2004: Irving, Foot Of Feathers
12-11-2004: Death House Chaplain, Summer Darling, Why Ships Sink
12-18-2004: Bel & The Dragon, No Cello, Pinkeye
01-07-2005: Built Like Alaska (record Release Party), Audio Out Send
01-08-2005: Appreciation, Winter Wardrobe
01-15-2005: The Thermals (sub-pop), Panther Martin (slo)
01-21-2005: The Fucking Champs, Night After Night, Eveyln (visalia)
01-22-2005: Von Iva, So So Many Many White White Tigers
02-04-2005: The Mean Reds, Chow Nasty, Dresden
02-12-2005: The Had & Been, The Dalloways
02-19-2005: Oh My God (chicago), 400 Blows, The Prids
02-26-2005: Nik Freitas, El Olio Wolof
03-05-2005: Dmbq (japan), Appreciation, Why Ships Sink
03-11-2005: Built Like Alaska, Loquat, Minipop
03-12-2005: Helio Sequence (sub Pop), Foot Of Feathers
03-30-2005: Man Man (ace Fu), Rademacher
04-01-2005: Asobi Seksu (new York), Mandarin
04-09-2005: Summer At Shatter Creek, N. Lannon
04-14-2005: Silkworm, The New Year
04-20-2005: The Album Leaf (sub Pop), Aspects Of Physics, Manuok
04-22-2005: The Idaho Falls, Mandrake, The Blue States
04-30-2005: Viva Voce, Bolex Rex, The Ebb And Flow
05-20-2005: Seneca (boston), 20 Minute Loop
05-21-2005: Mahjongg, From Bubblegum To Sky, Let's Go Sailing
05-28-2005: Central Valley Music Showcase -->, See Below
06-04-2005: Green Milk From The Planet Orange (japan), So Many Dynamos (st. Louis)
06-11-2005: The Blue Van (denmark), Emergency
06-18-2005: Mean Reds, Wires On Fire
07-01-2005: Afrirampo (japan), Winter Soldier
07-08-2005: Irving, Audio Out Send
07-17-2005: Weird War (drag City), Richard Bitch
07-23-2005: Need New Body (philadelphia), Pit Er Pat (thrill Jockey), Spires That In The Sunset Rise (4 Ladies From Chicago)
08-05-2005: Hockey Night (lookout! Records), Get Him Eat Him, The Last Of The Blacksmiths
08-12-2005: Sunday Runners (chicago) , The Drinks
08-19-2005: Xiu Xiu, Yellow Swans, Nedelle
08-26-2005: The Mall, Archeopteryx, Teenage Talking Cars
09-02-2005: The Dudley Corp. (dublin), Bring Back The Gun, Vernal Falls
09-09-2005: Alaska!, Foot Of Feathers
09-11-2005: Earlimart, Foot Of Feathers, Bolex Rex
09-21-2005: Dengue Fever, 40 Watt Hype, Mah Op
09-29-2005: Local H, The Giraffes
09-30-2005: The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Spacehorse, Winter Soldier
10-08-2005: The Joggers, Cold War Kids, Rademacher
10-14-2005: The Sound & Vision Music & Arts Festival
10-22-2005: Saxon Shore, Low Skies, The Brilliance
10-28-2005: The Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of The Last Human Being, Shinichi “momo” Koga, Indorphine
11-02-2005: Low Lights
11-04-2005: Dmonstrations, Dropsonic
11-16-2005: Limbeck, Apollo Sunshine, Brent Fellows
11-17-2005: Tom Brosseau
12-03-2005: Watusi Zombie, Lunchbox
12-17-2005: Rogue Wave (sub Pop), Mazarin, Kite Flying Society
12-23-2005: Central Valley Music Showcase 2
01-14-2006: The Helio Sequence (sub Pop), The Can't See
02-03-2006: Akron/family (young God Records) (brooklyn, Ny), Vernal Falls
02-10-2006: Irving, The Living Blue, A. Thomas Estes
02-24-2006: Swearing At Motorists (germany), Audio Out Send
03-11-2006: back By Popular Demand..., Dmbq (japan), Zzz (amsterdam)
03-24-2006: No Things (ex-members Of Liars), Knife Skills (new 5rc Record This Summer)
04-01-2006: Vetiver, Dame Satan, Foot Of Feathers
04-08-2006: Central Valley Music Showcase 3
04-15-2006: Sawed Off
04-21-2006: Headlights (polyvinyl Records), Rademacher
05-05-2006: Richard Buckner (merge Records), Doug Gillard (of Guided By Voices), John Siler
05-12-2006: Helio Sequence, Crystal Skulls
05-20-2006: Merle Jagger, El Olio Wolof
06-02-2006: Them Vs. Them (chicago/members Of Oh My God!), Hips
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